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a Learning Community of website stories designers

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A Collaboration of website managing & story presenting.

 friendliness  required


Whether personal, family or business; a website is the best way to tell a story to the world — the way you want it told, changed and corrected as life happens. Website design and maintenance is a little like life. It’s a learning and growing process. It’s not always easy but it can be fun and rewarding. The idea of this community is to grow together.

Achieving this by the following principles.

  • Make it Fun
  • Facilitate learning and growing.
    • Have a Learning Community of people designing their stories.
      • Tutorials and useful links.
      • community story review (as requested)
      • Restricted to website story builders only.
      • stong community standards (friendly)
      • review of thought-provoking futurist thinking ideas for personnel growth.
  • Maximize design possibilities for the story.
    • Using WordPress
    • With a focus on Divi.
  • Minimize entry costs to create a site.
    • Exploring how to create and maintain a site on your computer — before (or while) you put it online — important for site maintenance and security.
    • Explore ways how to increase site security yourself (cutting cost and increasing knowledge).
    • Feedback on web hosting options.
  • Maximizing ownership of your own data.
    • Increase knowledge of who takes what data and why.
    • Cost/reward analysis for anyone you’re willing to let have your data.
    • WordPress plug-in usage and review.
  • Promoting stories through Resume/portfolio sites, Family sites, hobby sites, Small Business sites and others.

CoActive Guided Approach

A method to create the most flexibility while limiting “personnel data leakage”.

But Story Builders is designed to help with best practices focusing on;

  • Learning
  • Design
  • Security
  • Privacy

The first step using your computers hard drive to set up and design a website offline. Moving the site online when you’re ready.

  • No cost but your time and learning. It’s a little complicated.
  • Join “Story builders” for guided instruction, or message me and I can walk you through the process.

Starting Story Builders Community Organizational structure and rules.

All this is a work in process (bata) which means I’m maintaining this idea – not my goal. As (and yes if) this community of web designers, storytellers, maintainers progresses. The community needs to self-control. Self-fund (I have a few ideas) and have its own web hosting and address away from CoActive Design)

The goal for the “Story Builders Community”

Friendly (possibility online Skype type meetup)

Helpful (Buddy program)

No up selling in fact no selling.

Evaluate ways  (mostly free) to gain functionality and security in WordPress.

Basic training materials.

Community maintained library of useful links and material.


Request to join the Story Builders Community. The community is meant exclusively for people who want to learn and grow knowledge in websites and story building. Check it out. Request a tempory login link by sending your email. Expect a 24-hour delay.

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Leave a chat here. If we are online, we will reply. If not, Expect a chat reply within 24 hours. Chat will open a new window. 

Story Builders

Currently in bata — status below

(current address)


Create Story Tales members site on harddrive.

Create login structure for a limited members site 

setup schedule function and chat

Upload test site on a server

test plugins



Feedback / refine site structure

  • Setup skype

Setup webhosting and permit web address

Get site noticed / Start running daily chats

Allow members to post sites on sever

As of [datetoday]

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